The perfect safari wedding

Your wedding is without a doubt the most special day of your life, I’m not sure who said it was the birth of your first child (undoubtedly a magical even once it’s all over), but I’m guessing it was a man! A wildlife wedding is a magical experience for a select few as it does, by necessity, trim down your guest list to a maximum of 70.

A safari honeymoon is a wonderful affair filled with private suppers, bush breakfasts, and champagne sundowners, all interspersed of course with the most spectacular wildlife viewing you could hope for. For couples who love wildlife a safari honeymoon is the perfect solution.

Wedding venue

Derek and I were married in Kaingo’s ebony grove and whilst we choose a different site within the grove for each wedding so that each wedding remains unique and special, this is most definitely the place to wed.

The ebony grove is a 3km long natural chapel, which is cool and shady at any time of day and year. There is a large pod of hippos at the river mouth where the grove pours out into the Luangwa River.

The timing of the wedding is up to the bride and groom and can be conducted at any time of day – though we found a late afternoon wedding flowing into a champagne sundower worked beautifully and there are many spots for the perfect wedding photos.

You could have up to 70 people attend your wedding and reception, and we would book nearby camps for the guests we could not fit at Kaingo and Mwamba.

Wedding ceremony

We can arrange for a local choir to sing rhythmic African songs (or traditional church songs) in their magical a cappella. As for the ceremony we can have a minister perform the wedding ceremony, or you can have a member of your wedding party lead you through the vows, and a local official will provide you with the legal paperwork to marry you.

Safari ideas

We can accommodate 18 (to 24 at a stretch triple sharing in some of the rooms) of your guests across the two camps, however if your group is much larger there are nearby camps that we could arrange accommodation.

Safari honeymoon

For a wildlife loving couple, a honeymoon with Shenton Safaris is a magical event. Our chalets at Kaingo come with large soaring skylights open to the stars, outdoor riverbank bath and private riverfront deck.

For the more advenurous a night up in our elephant hide star bed is a must! The elephant hides is a platform nestled between an ebony and a sausage tree at the river’s edge just south of Kaingo Camp. It rests above a centuries old elephant river crossing point. Having enjoyed dinner in the camp we will drop you (and an armed scout who sleeps in an enclosed vehicle at a discrete distance) to the elephant hide along with a bottle of champagne or amarula to enjoy your night with only a mosquito net betwen you and the stars.

If your budget allows it is possible to hire a private vehicle and have a safari just for two.

A private champagne supper is included for those on their honeymoon.

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