Safari Cuisine

We are fortunate to have beautiful herbs and seasonal produce from our plot which form the inspiration for all our meals. Menus are focused on fresh flavours, and classic dishes with a twist! Following the traditional ‘safari’ mealtimes of brunch, afternoon tea and 3-course dinner the focus is always homegrown and fresh! Although we do offer many indulgences (afternoon tea been a particular highlight), we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with international food trends, in particular, the demand for nutritious food that feeds the body and soul.

The plot allows us to offer an array of quality fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit which would simply not be available to us otherwise! Not only do we have an ongoing fresh herb supply throughout the season we also enjoy seasonal crops of vegetables and fruit which make up the bulk of our fresh supplies for guests and staff. Our happy hens supply us with eggs used for baking and brunch! The hard work our gardening team do before the season has even begun has untold rewards and we are truly blessed.

Our food does become a topic of discussion for our guests, and also when presenting the menu, our Exec Chef does reiterate which of the meals are created solely from the Shenton Plot. Some guests also get the chance to stop by at the plot and see the lush gardens and meet the hens, on either their arrival or departure to see the team at the plot at work as we briefly stop to collect fresh produce for the camp.

  • TIP: We offer communal dining, meaning we seat all of our guests together on one large table. We believe that this adds to a guest’s safari experience – there’s nothing quite like sharing safari stories while enjoying a meal with like-minded individuals.

Shenton’s Plot

The Shenton Plot is an organic plot, and all waste goes into compost which then becomes fertilizer for the plot. In camp, our waste is removed down to our plot outside the park. Garbage collection has not previously been available, but we are collectively as an industry looking at recycling solutions for the materials that would be recyclable in other countries.

  • TIP: Ask your guide about visiting the Shenton Plot on your departure.

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