Kaingo’s Hippo Hide

Exclusive to guests at Kaingo, the Hippo Hide is located on a deep corner at the confluence of the Luangwa and Mwamba rivers. Here, hundreds of hippos congregate throughout the season in both bachelor and breeding pods. The hippo hide is carved into the bank of the river directly above these pods and its inhabitants are hidden by a grass screen. Comfortable seating and cleverly designed camera props make this a photographer’s dream. Yawning and fighting wildlife pictures guaranteed!

The safari season for Kaingo opens with the Hippo Hide in place, and as the water levels drop we install the “lower level” of the Hippo Hide that allows eye to eye viewing of these incredible creatures that would usually be observed at a distance!

  • TIP: You can choose to integrate a visit to the Hippo Hide in either your morning or afternoon activity. It is a fantastic spot to enjoy your morning tea break, or for sundowners!