Elephant Hide

Overlooking the Luangwa River, the raised platform resembles a treehouse and is located above a historical elephant crossing point. Here, elephants have crossed for decades, and once the river levels are low enough there are multiple opportunities in the day to observe these gentle giants first congregate at the waterfront, then drink, then begin to cross where inevitably one youngster will choose to enjoy themselves in the refreshing river instead of carry on through in a hurry.

The Elephant Hide can be the fourth activity in your day, as the elephants can also cross at Brunch! Once we glimpse the elephants heading down towards the crossing point, your guide will ask if you are interested in pausing on your brunch and going around to the Elephant Hide to observe them.

  • TIP: The Elephant Hide is a wonderful spot to enjoy a packed afternoon tea, or early morning tea break when on your drive.