Photographic Hides

Our bush camps are special, thanks in large part to our photographic hides. These hides are regularly used by National Geographic, BBC and Discovery Channel for numerous photographic shoots and the making of wildlife documentaries.

But it’s not just about for photographers and filmmakers. They’re an incredible experience for anyone who loves wildlife. They allow our guests to get close to the animals, enabling you to watch them undisturbed in their natural environment. That said, we are well equipped to take care of our photographers – we can provide specialist bean bags, dust covers and charging facilities.

Our unique photographic hides of Derek’s design are a unique feature of Shenton Safaris. These hides are guaranteed to get you close enough to the wildlife to take a whole host of stunning photos – in complete safety.

Our hides have certainly captured the professionals’ attention. We have been visited by world-renowned wildlife photographer Frans Lanting of National Geographic multiple times, including the time when Frans and National Geographic returned for a month. He ended up cancelling all other camps in the valley to extend their stay with us again and again. We have hosted Owen Prumm of Discovery Channel, David Rogers of Africa Geographic, Lynn Johnsson of National Geographic and various independent filmmakers like Peter Lamberti (Valley of the Golden Baboon). The BBC have used our Hippo Hide multiple times, including in the filming of the “Wild Africa Series.”

While we have mobile hides to take advantage of unique wildlife moments, such as a fishing party on a drying lagoon the main “stars” are the following “fixed” photographic hides:

Kaingo’s Hippo Hide

The starting point for Shenton Safaris’ networking of photographic hides, exclusive to guests at Kaingo.

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Shenton Safaris’ Carmine Bee-eater Hide

Accessed from both camps this seasonal hide is a must for any bird enthusiast!

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Kaingo’s Elephant Hide

Exclusive to guests at Kaingo, this platform ends up being the fourth activity in the day as elephants tend to cross at brunch!

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Mwamba’s Last Waterhole Hide

Exclusive to guests at Mwamba, this incredible hide is just a short walk from Mwamba’s thatch chalets and the ultimate safari experience in the drier months!

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Shenton Safaris’ Wild Dog Lagoon Hide

This seasonal hide is accessed from both camps, showing a wide variety of birds and animals that visit the lagoon at all times of the day.

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