Soaring, stalking, sipping, sleeping, sweating!

September has come and gone, the month that initiates us to the great African summer. The Luangwa River has receded even more, the hippos jostle for their spot – but hunger begins to show on them, too tired to be too aggressive as every aggression is a life and death decision. September, the month that triggers our carnivores into endless hunts out on game activities. September truly is a month to behold in the South Luangwa National Park: in our little corner of this paradise there are several shifts in the landscape. September, the month that gifts us the stupendous carmine bee-eaters, and what a gift they are! Our guests have been enjoying hours spent in our Shenton Safaris’ exclusive Carmine Bee-eater Hide. Just meters away from these incredible creatures and the spectacle they offer us!

Another month of incredible sightings all around, but special mention has to be made to our gorgeous, intimate bush camp, Mwamba. Mwamba’s Last Waterhole Hide has predictably been an action hub in and of itself once again! As with every season, when all the water sources around dry up, then Mwamba’s in-camp photographic hide is any wildlife lovers dream! A big joy to all of our repeat guests and more; the installation of a brand new live webcam that features HD quality, zooming capabilities and also night filming! Have you logged in? We warn you that this new webcam is highly addictive; most of our agents have warned us that their productivity has dropped since we launched this webcam!

Now, apart from the wildlife viewed from the webcam itself. September is truly a magnificent month at Mwamba: thinking back to when we interviewed Yvonne as new camp manager at Mwamba, asking, “now, are you comfortable with wildlife? Mwamba gets quite wild, it’s really an animal paradise.” She, of course, is completely comfortable with the wildlife that has been visiting her, and she’s had some incredible interactions with the beautiful big cats that surround us. From a stunning mating pair of leopards caught on the new live webcam feed at night. To Yvonne’s escapades with Tyson, did you read our blogs on this? Tyson is the beautiful boy that takes up residence at Mwamba at this time of year? What about the lion cubs that were strategically hidden in a bush just beside the Last Waterhole Hide? Scroll down here to our blogs section to read the incredible interactions Yvonne has been having at Mwamba!

Now, of course it hasn’t only been Mwamba that’s had all the action! This past month Kaingo has had it’s fair share of animal interactions as well! Let’s be more specific and talk of the lions! Kaingo was making one contingency plan after the other one morning. With a 01:30 wake up call from our night watchmen who watched the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride hunt a hippo straight to Kaingo’s Chitenge! The 14 lions fed on the young hippo from the early morning till roughly 10:00. When the lions all stopped feeding; they finished the entire carcass, they strolled out of camp heading for water, Kaingo took that opportunity to tie a rope onto the carcass and drag it out of camp before they came back! The lions ended up hanging around Kaingo for the next 4/5 days, we had them wander through camp again another two times in the early morning just as everyone wanted to get ready to come for early morning tea/coffee! So in all, it’s been quite eventful having them around! The youngsters enjoying stealing cushions, towels and other things from the camp!

Now with all the action in camp, what was going on outside of camp you ask? A lot! Leopards, lions, wild dogs, honey badgers, serval, genet, civet, elephants, hippo, crocodiles, giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest, roan… the list goes on and on!

With just over a month to go until the end of our safari season, we always get slightly nostalgic at this time of year. It always feels like time runs out too quickly, with one day leading to the next and all of the sudden you’re at the finish line! If you’re coming out to us soon, then we look forward to seeing you soon… If we’re on your bucket list, then stay tuned for our blogs and keep watching our live webcam feeds to get your safari fix!


The Lightbox Gallery

Derek & Jules Shenton have launched a photographic gallery in Lusaka, showcasing Zambian photographers, and bringing the incredible artistic platform that is photography to Zambians and the globe. The pieces on display in the Lightbox Gallery can be printed on canvas or photographic paper, and can easily be shipped internationally. Here below is the image of the month of the Lightbox Gallery, international sales are open, please see The Lightbox Gallery website for further details.

Safe travels until we meet again where the heavens meet the earth…

Salani Bwino

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