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As our guides walk into the Chintege, back in camp after another successful game activity, they softly say “kaingo wina” with a sheepish smile on their lips. You can see the twinkle in their eyes, and feel the buzz from all our guests.

“Kaingo wina,” ~ another leopard…

Each year we claim it is the best season for sightings, and yet each one out seems to outshine the last. This year is no different! The running theme is the leopard, and how could it not be with our main camp aptly named the ‘Camp of the Leopard’ – Kaingo. These spectacular felines are a favourite of many, and this year have gifted us with amazing sightings. Multiple leopards seen on each game drive; rival males, mother and daughter dramas, cub sightings, and one truly exceptional encounter with 4 leopards in one location!

Observing vultures circling closer to the kill.

Quick climb up the tree to get back to feasting on an impala carcass.

Making sure no vulture gets too close.

Chiphadzuwa checks out who is on the tree above.

Chiphadzuwa over looks her territory.

As the sun sets, Chiphadzuwa gets ready to stalk some prey at Fish Eagle Lagoon.

It’s always an amazing feat to stop a leopard in the speckled shade of leaves.

Malaika leaps up a tree.


Malaika looks across what once was her prime territory, now taken by Chiphadzuwa – Fish Eagle Lagoon.

Luambe stalks across the plains, a quick glimpse to let us know where to stay.

Malaika rests in the shade, letting us creep closer to spend some time with her.

Chiphadzuwa sits regally on the planes of her territory, looking across at some puku.

Leopards don’t just know how to lounge on tree branches, but termite mounds as well!

Gorgeous silhouette of Chiphadzuwa walking across the edge of the Luangwa River.

Waiting on guinea fowl to fly over the wafwa.

Luambe feasting on a kill.

He is the biggest male in our area, and has an incredible presence.

Luambe gives guests a sharp greeting!

He races down the tree to demonstrate who’s boss.

Mamma Kaingo stalks across the plains.

Chiphadzuwa stretches, her scar healing well.

Alert and looking across at puku and guinea fowl at Fish Eagle Lagoon.

Full belly, in the shade, resting the afternoon away!

It has not only been the year of the leopard, we have also  been enjoying incredible wildlife all round. Lions, leopards, wild dogs, honey badgers, serval… the list goes on and on! We’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the incredible results that Conservation South Luangwa and the Zambian Carnivore Program have managed to achieve over the years. The extraordinary sightings that we have are a testament to their endless and often unacknowledged work. The South Luangwa National Park is ever blossoming in variety and abundance of game, with increasing numbers on all fronts. Take time to click the links and learn about the incredible work they do.

If you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll have read of the epic encounters that  Andrew had with his guest walking onto lions by foot, to hyena cubs being rounded up by their mother, and who can forget Malaika’s encounter with a hyena not to mention the Kapanda and Mwamba-Kaingo prides feeding and then fighting together! The past month has been full of action with incredible sightings, aptly illustrated by our Big Cat Round Up which has quite a following. Have you kept up with the latest installments? If not click on them here: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.

Upcoming wildlife photographer George Turner came out to spend some time at Kaingo.

We’re very excited to see all of his footage soon!

From everyday incredible experiences such as impala bachelors rutting.

To extraordinary sightings of Hyena pups, with their curiosity, getting close! 

Hippos from Kaingo’s Hippo Hide.

Impressive yawns and reflections from Kaingo’s Hippo Hide.

George’s images of buffalo was featured on BBC Earth!

An old hand at Kaingo, Noelle van Muiden has been guiding with us.

We’ve loved having another set of well trained eyes out on the field.

Giving us a glimpse of what her guests’ would be getting to see.

A hyena stares longingly at the carcass above, waiting for a morsel to drop.

The vibrantly coloured Lilac breasted roller poses in the light.

Lions get pushed out from their shady spot when elephants come past.

Elephants come to ‘get close’ to the vehicle of guests.

2017 has been a remarkable year for us; we marked 25 years in the industry, we completely renovated Kaingo, and we launched the first 2 live webcams in Zambia!

It’s that time of year again, when we reach out to you to support the Shenton Safaris Family and vote for us in the Safari Awards! These awards have a vast reach across the globe, with roughly 15,000 votes last year! Properties across African are voted for in several categories including Best Value Safari Property, Best Safari Cuisine and Best Guiding Team. If you have been on a memorable safari with us you can vote for the 2018 Safari Awards, the steps are very simple and will not take longer than a few minutes. Please click below to register on the Safari Awards website. Once registered click here for Kaingo, and here for Mwamba. The voting closes on the 15 October 2017, so be sure to put in your vote!

Guest Photo of the Month!

We are bringing back our Guest photo competition! The first category is ‘Baby Animals’ please send us all the great shots you took of babies when you were on safari with us to

Are you coming out to visit us soon? Keep up to date with what Project Luangwa has launched for future generations to come in Zambia!

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