Newsletters 2012

Office Africa February 2012- Kaingo camp comes in at first place under South Luangwa National Park in Trip Advisor, with Mwamba Bush Camp at a healthy 6th.  Bush weddings are in full swing at the moment and we get a chance to view some guest artwork. A series of photographs showing a lion pride hunting two buffalo’s will put you in the action while we also view our photographs of the month.


Office Africa May 2012 – we are back live from South Luangwa, after the opening of Kaingo on May 26th for the 2012 season. In this newsletter we talk about our new brochure, our staff, you can read an interview of Derek Shenton and be updated on Proflight’s luggage policy.

Office Africa June 2012 – The second month of the season has been busy and you will find a lot of pictures in this newsletter. We are showing the Mwamba lion cubs to start with. Then we feature some photographs taken by our long term expert guide , Patrick Njobvu. You will also find the second part of the interview, this time focusing on Jules Shenton.

Office Africa July 2012 – Cruel Month, this is the title we should give to this past month of July! We have had so many incredible sighting, mostly involving lions of course, but also leopards, hyenas and vultures. Not for the faint hearted on the pictures side! And we will have more for August as sightings keep coming as we are putting this newsletter to “press”.

Office Africa August 2012 – August brought more sightings, especially of very young lion cubs, and loads of leopards. We also had a day of rain, which was unheard of at this time of the year. All in all a very good month in South Luangwa.

Office Africa September 2012 – More great stories in this September newsletter, especially of this great sighting of WILD DOGS coming to the river across from Kaingo. Summer has arrived, with temperatures soaring. Don’t miss the pictures from guests Chris, Lorenza and Benson. Sad to think we are heading to our last month of the season!

Office Africa October 2012 – The month of October is probably the best for lion sightings and it was the case again this season. We had the pleasure to find all the Mwamba cubs reunited! So don’t miss out and have a look at this newsletter. October is also the peak for our photographic hide located at Mwamba, with fantastic photo opportunities.

Office Africa November 2012 – Our 2012 season came to an end, and camps are now packed away until May 2013! In this newsletter we feature many beautiful pictures from our guests, with the lion cubs, snake attacks, croc attacks! And much more. We ended the season with massive rains, and you can see the effect of such downpour on our trails. Our next newsletter will be in January 2013.

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