Newsletters 2010

Office Africa – June 2010 : Find out what’s new this season 2010 at Kaingo and Mwamba, spend some time with the Hollywood pride, see a juvenile martial eagle, take a mud bath with the hippos, dare a rock python and enjoy a lot more wildlife through beautiful pictures from Jules.

Office Africa – August 2010 : Jules being too busy at camps (or being medivacced to Johannesburg…) she was only able to join a few game drive in the past couple of month. Nonetheless, the results were worth the wait: play along a troop of baboons, guess the silhouettes at sunset, stare at the Mwamba pride, and wait patiently for the best reward of all – leopard defending his kill against hyennas.

Office Africa – November 2010 : Read a brief update on Project Luangwa, enjoy the inside story (and beautiful pictures) of Peter Lemon following his return visit in September and then share the feedback from other guests this season.

Office Africa – December 2010 : It is the last newsletter of the year, and as it should be, it is devoted to memories, appreciation, celebrating and looking forward. You can enjoy the exquisite display of our birdlife in South Luangwa through a series of photographs taken by Izzy, our in-house reservations and marketing consultant. The letter ends with a few announcement to catch up on Project Luangwa as well as the invitation to visit a new website IN THE WILD.

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