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Dear All,

So here we are. October has been and gone which for us means the closing of another season. Kaingo camp has been put into hibernation mode and all that remains of Mwamba bush camp are the animals that were kind enough to share their home with us for five months.

October has certainly been the month for the lions with the spot light this month has been placed firmly on the story of the Mwamba male and his epic battle for survival.

Matt Watermarked-2-8



The loss of the Mwamba male has thrown the local lion population into disarray.

Meyam Njobvu 2014-0140

The Nsefu males have shown interest in the Mwamba territory by spending a bit of time in our Ebony grove as well as killing a hippo and feasting on it for a few days before moving back to their part of the park.

The Nsefu Trio

The Nsefu Trio

Matt Watermarked-3087

Matt Watermarked-2928

The new Hollywood cubs have been seen with the main pride and are thriving which is great news. We left them at the end of the season looking very healthy and not to mention extremely playful!

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8460

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8417



We have also seen the Hollywood males crossing to the Nsefu sector as well as Nsefu females over on our side of the Luangwa. It was very interesting to see that the Hollywood males have fathered six cubs with females belonging to the Nsefu pride. It just goes to show what a  complex social structure these big cats have.





P Njobvu Watermarked-2-15

P Njobvu Watermarked-2-19

P Njobvu Watermarked-2-22

P Njobvu Watermarked-3-3

Elliot has been popping up all over the place. It is great to see that he is still going strong, although he seems to have moved away from the Mwamba area which was his usual haunt and relocated to the Debs tree area. A few weeks ago we noticed some fresh wounds on both his hind legs but fortunately they did not seem to impair him to much and healed up quickly. He has been hunting very successfully over the past weeks.

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8992

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8978

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8975

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8878

Malika has also provided guests with great sightings, unfortunately only one of her two cubs survived but is looking very healthy and we are looking forward to seeing her thrive in the coming months. We had wonderful sightings of the pair towards the end of the month as Malika began to teach the young cub the basics of being a leopard by bringing fresh kills to the lair and encouraging the youngster to practice taking a kill up a tree. Although she tried as best she could she still has a long way to go but I am sure she will get there; Malika is turning out to be a wonderful mother.


untitled-5118 untitled-5081 untitled-5133 untitled-5069

We have also been seeing another female with a young cub closer to camp which of course was a hit with guests. She also had a young cub but unfortunately they both seemed to have moved else where but it just goes to show how healthy the leopard population is in our area of the park. Its is estimated that there is a leopard every 3km2 within the South Luangwa National park which would give a population of roughly 3020 leopards.

The unknown female

The unknown female

The dogs have also turned up a few times this month. We have been extremely fortunate this season to have had a fair few sightings of Wild Dog which has been a wonderful treat for the guests who have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse. We have had a pack of five dogs that we have seen a few times around Mwamba and one of the females was heavily pregnant so we are hoping that they have chosen the Mwamba area as a den site. This year has been a great year for dog sightings with a number of packs being seen with in our area which bodes well for next season. It is a great sign that the Wild Dog population in the South Luangwa is on the rise.


P Njobvu Watermarked-0419

Guest Photos

We would like to say a huge thank you to the guests who send us from some beautiful photos from their stay here with us. Here are just a few from the past month or so.

Art Ryan

Matt Watermarked-2-7 Matt Watermarked-1-4 Matt Watermarked-1-3 Matt Watermarked-1-2

A special mention here for Anae Louw just 15 years of age and already showing real photographic talent.

Anae Louw

Arne pic 4 Arne pic 3 Arne Pic 2

We had the Shenton family out in force this month with Saphire and Jayabella enjoying time in the bush.

IMG_3622 IMG_3632

As well as representing Australia at UN day at school in Lusaka.

IMG_3692 IMG_3689

Travel Info

Kaingo Camp & Mwamba Bush Camp – South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
PRESS RELEASE – Booking policy related to Ebola for any new bookings taken as of November 2014

It is extremely unlikely that Ebola will reach Zambia. The distance Lusaka is from the main outbreaks in West Africa is 8908km which is the equivalent of London to Los Angeles. To reassure the public we have taken this measure to increase confidence in booking with us:
In the event of travel being cancelled as a result of the World Health Organization declaring an outbreak of Ebola in Zambia and either the WHO or the client’s own Government issuing a directive against non-essential travel to Zambia then then Shenton Safaris guarantees that all cancellation fees in respect of accommodation in its camps will be waived. This offer is for all new bookings and is conditional upon the guest having a comprehensive travel and trip cancellation policy, Shenton Safaris will reimburse any shortfall between what the client has paid and the compensation paid by the insurance company.
We urge the public to rethink postponing or cancelling their dream holiday to Africa and to fully support our communities and wildlife.
Contact us for further information at


Last month we published the dates of the photographic workshop we have in the books for next season. C4 Images and Safaris has finalized their dates for June and August 2015. Click on the log below for more information on these trips.

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Well that just about sums up October. Again we would like to say a huge thank you to all our guests for their continued support. We will be updating the blog and Facebook throughout the rains to keep you all posted.

Until then,

Matt & The Shenton team

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