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Office Africa-October 2014 Don’t miss our final news letter of the season with updates on our lions leopards and much more.

Meyam Njobvu 2014-8417


Office Africa – September 2014  Don’t miss out on this newsletter with news of the leopard and the two cubs, as well as our many lions!


Pat Leoopard Malaika (3)

Office Africa – Juy 2014  Our third newsletter of the season is out and filled with lots of pictures of lions, leopards and Wild Dogs! But also the birth of a zebra!

Meyam Njobvu Wilddogs (8)

Office Africa – June 2014  This is our second newsletter of the season, and it is already full of fantastic stories and pictures. We are giving you an update on the Hollywood Pride, the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride as well as on the various leopards we have seen so far, including a female with two very young cubs! Also read about our photographic hides and the sleep out options we offer.

Video pic-3


Office Africa – May 2014  Kaingo Camp is open for the 2014 season, and Mwamba will open in a couple of days. Read the story of our chicken run, the road trip taken by our laying hens from Lusaka to Mfuwe, or see how our gardeners are preparing for a busy season of vegetable and fruits, and don’t miss on the latest news such as updates with the lions of the area.

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1282

Office Africa – March 2014 We are two months away from our safari season to begin, how exciting! This newsletter shows the Shenton family on vacation in Sweden, talks about the numerous articles and videos recently published about South Luangwa and Shenton Safaris, and of course features more spectacular photography from guests and guides. Oh, and also includes our Oscar-based Safawards! Don’t miss out!

Shentons in Sweden (17)


Office Africa – January 2014  2014 is here already! In this newsletter we feature all our newest videos, gathered from the thousands of clips taken by our safari guides. And the lion’s share goes to Meyam for a series of stunning photographs.

Meyam other lions (1)

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