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Office Africa – January 2013  Welcome to our first newsletter of 2013! During the rainy season, while the camps are closed, we look back at 2012 and the fantastic sightings we have had. Enjoy the first three videos compiled from the hundreds of clips taken by our guides. In this newsletter we also feature a few rarer photographed animals such as the honey badger, the owls and even the elephant shrew! And we look back at the winners of our monthly competition – Best Pic of the Month.

Badger David (1)

 Office Africa – June 2013  This is the first newsletter of our 2013 safari season. So have a look through the first pictures, live from South Luangwa, and read about the first sightings of the season. We also invite you to read about a very interesting book that is coming out, on the most sustainable safari operations in Africa. We are so proud to find Kaingo and Mwamba among the only 50 operations featured in the book.

P Njobvu Watermarked-0218

 Office Africa – July 2013  After just 6 weeks or so of the 2013 season, our newsletter is filled with amazing pictures from Jules Shenton, guides, guests and professional photographers who have had truly stunning sightings. The main even of these past weeks are the several encounters with the Wild Dogs. Click on the link to real the stories and see pictures.

Juliet Shenton-2


 Office Africa – August 2013  Don’t miss out on the extremely rare report in this newsletter of a lioness killing the cubs of a competitor pride – unheard of here in South Luagnwa, and certainly never caught on camera. It is the sad reality of the African bush. On a more pleasant note we offer in this newsletter a splendid portfolio of stunning leopard pictures taken so far this season by our safari guides and guests. And more news of course.

cub killed video  (1)

 Office Africa – September 2013  As the season continues, and the bush is getting dryer and dryer, the lion sightings are sensational. You can read about them in this newsletter, such as buffalo kills and lion fights, and best of all the introduction of new cubs to the family. There is a lot more with beautiful pictures from professional photographers and guests.

anna bulleid (2)


 Office Africa – October 2013  The season is ending soon and the final count to date on new lion cubs keeps increasing, we are now at 22 cubs for all 3 prides in the area. So have  a look at the newer cubs here. We’ve continued to have great leopard sightings as well, along with some exceptionally rare ones such as aardvark, new hyeana pups and the birth of a baby puku.

P Njobvu Watermarked-2-14



Office Africa – November 2013 The season is now over, and Kaingo and Mwamba are both packed and prepared to endure the rainy season.  In this newsletter we share more photographs from our guests, especially from Sue and Rob who were with us for 9 days at the very end of Octdober. They had so many incredible sightings. Don’t miss out and read more here.

Lions on buffalo Rob Brookes (2)



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