Partnering with the Land

Apart from our constant involvement in Conservation South Luangwa and Project Luangwa, Shenton Safaris also takes on conservation roles in other ways.

Fresh Water Supplies

Both camps have their borehole for fresh water; the runoff is passed through grease traps and sand traps before returning to the natural water boards.

Fire Prevention

We create the fire breaks in the entire area in our section of the park. In years gone by National Parks used to employ back-burning as a means to control the larger fires set by poachers. Derek convinced DNPWS to let him trial graded firebreaks as an alternative to their back-burning. It has been hugely successful and as a result, the area remains un-burnt saving a multitude of flora and fauna in the process.

Rapid Response for Conservation South Luangwa

Each season Derek and his team set out to do the enormous task of grading and ‘polishing’ entire road network’s around our camps. Roughly 120 kilometres of roads within an 80 square kilometres radius allows many access roads for rapid anti-poaching response into the northern reaches of the park. These roads are, therefore, then used by the CSL teams for their anti-poaching patrols.

Water Sources in the Community

In years gone by, prior to the creation of Project Luangwa Shenton Safaris had drilled many boreholes for the community in the Mkhanya area, including those for Hanada orphanage.

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