Kaingo is located in the South Luangwa National Park, in the northern territory that borders to the Nsefu Sector. The area surrounding our camps have been Derek Shenton’s domain for more than 26 years, his intricate road network is all graded with the Shenton Safaris tractor under Derek’s supervision. This means that when you are with us at Kaingo, you will get to explore deep into all the hidden wildlife hotspots this incredible area has to offer.

The beautiful loops of roads travel from the Ebony Grove, along the Luangwa River and further inland into Lion Plains with ample changes in vegetation on the way.

There are a couple of ways to get to Kaingo, we’ve outlined the main ones here for your convenience.

By Road

It’s a two and a half hour drive from Mfuwe International Airport to Kaingo for all daytime transfers. If your flight arrives in the evening, you’ll be transferred in a closed vehicle as a transfer, rather than a game drive.

For all self-drives or road transfers: you can either park your vehicles at our vegetable plot close to Mfuwe Airport where we will collect you and transfer you into camp. Or, you drive into the park yourself and once you are at Kaingo, you can park your vehicle in our workshop. We don’t allow any self-driving from our camp. Please note: if you want to self-drive to our camps, you must have 4×4, GPS, pay your daily vehicle park fees at the gate and enter the park before noon.

There are two primary airports to drive from. Lusaka is roughly 600km to Mfuwe, the road cutting along the border with Mocambique. For your safety, we highly recommend checking for notifications of political stability in Mocambique before choosing this route.

Lilongwe is around 700km to Mfuwe. This route is stable and the roads have been re-done recently. You should get to the Mfuwe Main Gate in roughly 5 hours.

By Air: Scheduled Flights

Proflight Zambia operates several flights from several locations, the primary access to Kaingo is to arrive directly to Lusaka, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, then fly into Mfuwe.

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By Air: Scheduled Flights

Ulendo Airlink operates a scheduled charter flight from Lilongwe, Kamuzu International Airport to Mfuwe International Airport.

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By Air: Charter Flights

SkyTrails Zambia is our regular choice for a chartered service, their small team makes for simple logistics and friendly pilots. Guaranteed to assist you through airports and travel.

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