Hides at Kaingo

Of the incredible network of photographic hides that Shenton Safaris offers, Kaingo has exclusive access to the Hippo Hide and the Elephant Hide. Guests at Kaingo can also use the Wild Dog Lagoon Hide, and the Carmine Bee-eater Hide when it is put in place. With two mobile hides in the Kaingo workshop, you may have the chance to visit additional hides during your time with us.

Hippo Hide

The founding photographic hide for Shenton Safaris, this is Derek’s flagship hide that has pulled filmmakers from around the world to get close to the hippo.

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Elephant Hide

A short drive from Kaingo, the Elephant Hide is your chance to get close to these magnificent creatures. When you are sitting enjoying your brunch at Kaingo, elephants could come down to cross the Luangwa River. There is nothing like experiencing the elephant’s cross and play in the river.

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Wild Dog Lagoon Hide

Wild Dog Lagoon is located north of Kaingo, a magical stop to watch animals quenching their thirst in the midday. Many animals from the northern area of the park come to drink at this lagoon.

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Carmine Bee-eater Hide

Our fantastic Carmine Bee-eater Hide is one of the many reasons that Kaingo books out dates in September a year in advance! These incredible migratory birds arrive in the Luangwa to nest in the river banks, we guarantee this hide for September and October.

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Mobile Hides

In Kaingo’s workshop, we are fortunate to have two mobile hides. They can be used as additional locations, to offer alternative midday activities.

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