Elephant Hide Star Bed

Get close to the Luangwa River.

To really get close to nature, why not spend an incredible night on Kaingo’s Elephant Hide Star Bed? Set in an ebony tree on the Luangwa River, you’ll sleep in a very comfortable king bed while listening to the nocturnal noises of river and the African bush. The Elephant Hide Star Bed is an ideal add-on to your safari experience with Shenton Safaris, immersing you into the wild night. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or just looking to spend a night where only a mosquito net separates you from the night sky, it’s a real experience. We highly recommend the Elephant Hide Star Bed on nights with a full moon for the incredible night views of the river, but it is just as unbelievable on a new moon with a full starry sky.

The Elephant Hide Star Bed is exclusive to guests staying at Kaingo and is a 2-minute drive away. The sleeping platform is beautifully set with a King size bed, warm duvet, washing basin, lanterns, and a large mosquito net. A bush toilet (long drop) is available on the ground, under the platform. If you need a hand (or have a change of heart) an armed scout will spend the night in a nearby hut and will be equipped with a radio. Belongings are kept in the chalet and guests are encouraged to take essential toiletries to the Star Bed.

Sleep Out

A guide will bring you to the platform after regular dinner at Kaingo and will pick you up in the morning at a pre-arranged time.

Dining Experience

A guide will bring you to a surprise location in time for sundowners and will prepare a simple meal for you. We will take you to the platform and pick you up in the morning at a pre-arranged time.

  • TIP: The Elephant Hide is complimentary for guests at Kaingo spending 7+ nights between both camps.

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