Shenton Safaris: Yvonne and Tyson’s escapades continue

This is Yvonne, checking again and what a wonderful Saturday morning, guests at Mwamba have Tyson, our large resident male leopard, grace us with his steely presence at breakfast this morning. Elegantly lounging on the opposite bank of the Mwamba River, Tyson lay with the golden morning sun bouncing off his back and the noises of the bush waking up. As the Luangwa Valley awoke,  he moved off into a nearby bush to keep his identity an unknown as possible.
The grassy banks in front Mwamba office is a haven for impala, bushbuck and baboons, we were told by the guides to keep a diligent lookout and report back if there was any sign of action. I dutifully kept on guard, which isn’t difficult as my office window has prime viewing on this area, but all was quiet. It would appear that Tyson had moved off further into the bush as the impala were quite happy grazing and milling around as usual.
As the day continued, we tucked into a scrumptious brunch then off to the hide and time for siesta. Just after brunch, the vervet monkeys made themselves heard and appeared extremely agitated, we went out to investigate and low and behold, he had made his kill and successfully taken down an impala right in front of the brunch area. We all witnessed the action before he proceeded to take his kill to a nearby bush to rest out of the midday sun.
As Tyson stayed close to his kill this provided us with a great afternoon game drive. What’s more, as the rest of us remained in camp, we watch as the strong leopard dragged his kill into the lower branches of a sausage tree. 

More to follow on this beautiful resident leopard as the dry season progresses from Mwamba bush camp. Do you want to read about Tyson’s last kill at Mwamba, follow this link and don’t forget to drop us a comment to let us know you have stopped by. 


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