In the Nsefu Sector is a place where Yellow-Billed storks gather in hundreds, every year, for the breeding season. They nest in the tall trees and raise their youngs together, in a large colony.

By mid-June, probably 2/3rd of the young storks have fledged already, so when I had the chance to visit the colony, there was only a small number left. It was still very impressive, and I wondered what it would have been like to see it at the peak of the colony.

The land and trees look almost like a winter landscape, white with droppings. The racket is deafening, especially when a parent approaches a nest with some food.

Back on the river we can also spot large groups of juvenile storks honing their fishing skills, but here at the colony they are still stretching their wings and mastering their flying skills.

A few more days  and the colony site will be empty, a bit like a ghost town in the snow.

Pictures of the stork colony, June 23.

I Defourny-7244

I Defourny-7228


I Defourny-7229

I Defourny-7231

I Defourny-7233

I Defourny-7252

I Defourny-7254

I Defourny-7209

I Defourny-7234

I Defourny-7235

I Defourny-7213


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