By Sylvester. June 2013.

The first dog sightings of the season!

Juliet Shenton-2-2

It was a wonderful chilly morning of June. We were driving along the partly dry “catherdral” mopane woodland, with the doves cooing in the morning advertising their survival of the night.

A giggling call of a hyena was heard from the tall grass; the call was a sign of a hyena being threatened, and a pack of SEVEN wild dogs appeared chasing this poor hyena. Then six more hyena came which got all the dogs running away.

In the evening we saw them about one kilometer from where we had spotted them in the morning, again they dashed quickly into the bushes.

The following morning, while having our morning tea break at the “mobile hide” the located – who would have guessed – at the Wild Dog Lagoon, the dogs came near the lagoon! The alpha female looked very tired, for she was pregnant, she seemed like looking for a place where she could den and have her puppies. Two minutes later we lost them into the tall grass.

Note from Shenton Safaris: this was the first sightings of the wild dogs in June 2013. They have been seen again in early July, but we still haven’t found sign of a den. Photos by Juliet Shenton, July 2013.

Juliet Shenton-2

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