Wild Dogs Chasing Hyena, But the Tables are Turned by a Baboon

We started the morning with some real excitement! While having our morning tea and coffee at Mwamba Camp, we saw the pack of wild dogs run in front of us on the opposite bank. With haste we got on the vehicle and drove around the camp to the Last Watering Hole, where we found the dogs drinking. 

There were 4 adult wild dogs from the Kaingo pack and once done drinking they set off on a morning hunt. A short while later the dogs came across a hyena. The hyena was watching from a far, hoping he would get a chance to steal a meal. The dogs started to attack the hyena and he quickly took off running with his tail between his legs. 

Next, the dogs came across some baboons. Still feeling brave from their earlier hyena encounter they decided to chase the one baboon. However this baboon had a different idea. Before the dogs got close the baboon took an offensive position and started chasing any dog who came close enough.  A game of cat and mouse started between the dogs and the baboon. In the end it seemed more playful than threatening as neither animal became overly aggressive. In all my years of guiding I have never seen potential prey play with the predator. The bush is truly an amazing unpredictable place.

The video below shows a bit of the action from that morning

Andrew Mweetwa

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Andrew passed his guiding exam in 2006, followed by his walking license the following year. For the past three years, he was guiding at the Norman Carr Safaris camps. He joins us this 2013 season, delighted to keep busy with our third daily game viewing activity! He loves learning new languages, and looks forward to practice his skills.

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