Wild Dog Takes on a Funeral of Vultures

We were out on an afternoon game drive when we came across a small pack of wild dogs on the prowl. We followed them for about ten minutes before one of the dogs spotted a lone male puku feeding not too far from them.

The pack of dogs took off in a flash and in less than a minute managed to chase down and kill the puku. It was amazing to watch the hunt and the kill, although it was over so quickly. The dogs immediately started feeding and eating as much as they could before any predators arrived and stole their hard-earned meal. The whole time while feeding the dogs seemed very distracted, constantly looking up in the same general direction. They were waiting to see if the rest of the pack would be joining them. By now a large flock of vultures began landing around the kill sight. With each passing moment, their numbers were growing steadily.

Three of the dogs decided they would go look for the missing members of their pack, one dog remained and continued feeding. This was the moment the vultures had been waiting for and in a flash descended upon the carcass forcing the dog to retreat.  Although the wild dog tried to defend the kill the vast numbers of the vultures were too much to handle and in the end he rather gave up.

The remains of the puku had disappeared under a feathery sea of vultures and within minutes nothing remained except for a spinal column attached to the skull, almost picked completely clean. What an incredible sighting my guests got to enjoy. 


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