What awaits our return?

Mere days before we closed last year, the guests and staff at Mwamba Bush Camp were witness to a spectacle not seen by most. An interloping male lion clashed with the territorial male and then got in among the pride and killed two of the cubs, as detailed in our season ending newsletter .


But before that, back in May, these lion cubs were first spotted by our guides as they reopened the roads and scouted their territory afresh.


The Mwamba pride has long been a stalwart of our areas’ game viewing. With the addition of four cubs to the pride of strong females, we were assured to witness the growth of the cubs and the females struggles to provide them with sustenance.


But Nobby, the interloping male lion, had other ideas and it will be interesting to see what has developed in our absence.

Will the surviving Mwmaba male still be there when we return? Or will age and his wounds have caused his demise?


And what has happened to the 3 young males, one mane less and 2 maned, that honed their hunting skills on a mature bull buffalo and eventually, with the assistance of their father, were able to bring him down.

If they are still in the area after being chased so dramatically by another interloping male, will they still be together and what form of a force will they be. Do we have a new coalition?


Will we see the surviving cubs in and around Mwamba again, or will the trauma of October have driven them far from the Last Waterhole?


We know one thing for certain, the rich plains and perennial water around Kaingo and Mwamba will always ensure lots of action and plenty of new arrivals for our guests and guides to enthuse over.




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