On the 11th of July our senior guide Pat reported watching the Mwamba male lions cross the Luangwa river into the Nsefu sector.

He says it was an amazing sight, seeing the two lions bravely swim across this crocodile infested river. What a relieve it was to see them emerge on the other side shaking off the water proudly.

The lion’s determination to get to the other side worries me a bit, for it raises a few questions. Are the males expanding their territory? Or are they avoiding confrontations with the Hollywood males whom I have seen and observed venturing into the Mwamba-Kaingo territory already a few times this season.

If it is the latter, then we might soon be writing another chapter on the pride’s dynamics and territories in this lion rich area. Is this the beginning of a new era? Is the power shifting? Is the Hollywood pride growing back into the dominant pride it was once? Did the killing of the cubs last year have a negative effect on these sister prides? Only time will tell.

Follow me as I try to find answers to these interesting questions!!

By Andrew, on July 13th 2014.

Read Pat’s blog about the lions crossing the river here

Video pic-2

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