Welcome to the 2010 season, and to our new blog. Shenton Safaris is owned and run by myself and my husband Derek Shenton. Along with our daughter Saphire, we live deep inside the South Luangwa National Park at our main camp Kaingo.

Owners of Shenton Safaris

That is likely the last time you’ll see my face, I am much more commonly found behind the lens, so usually the only pics of me are those taken of the back of my head.

Photographic safaris

What you will see a lot more of is what I do behind the lens as I endeavour to get you the monthly issue of “Office Africa – Wildlife Images from the South Luangwa”. If you’d like to subscribe to this newsletter, just sign up on the link on the navigation bar.

For those of you who have been with us for some years, you will know that neither Derek nor I are fantastic with the frequency of our newsletters. Whilst many kind readers have assured me it’s the quality that counts, I’m sure many others would like to hear from us more frequently.

I get out on drives as often as I can manage, but compared to the days before Saphire, I am relatively “house” bound. So unless a leopard walks directly past the cage (or an aardvark digs under the wall of the cage as per last season) then I may miss out on the action. Therefore I am passing the onus of sharing the magic of our safaris onto our staff, and this blog will be a mix of posts from all at Shenton Safaris.

At this point, I suspect some of you unfamiliar with us are reading about the cage with a certain level of alarm. It is known in polite circles as the “secure play pen” and is a roughly 150sqm outdoor area that keeps Saphire on one side and the crocodiles, lions, hippos, elephants, leopards and snakes on the other. The cage is also where I have my outdoor office. With wireless satellite a few hippo width’s up river,  the magical Luangwa in front, shady Mahogany trees above (above the tented chicken wire that is) and elephants wandering by at stroking distance on a daily basis it is not too bad – as far as cages go; or offices for that matter.

Bush life

So whilst you will definitely hear from me, and see the fruits of my moments of freedom behind the lens in Office Africa,  it is time now for me to hand over to Mayam…

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  1. South Africa Safari June 30, 2011 at 11:20 am - Reply

    Wonderful pictures. Good luck to your both and your venture

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