On that morning’s game drive in August, I tracked our resident pride (the Mwamba-Kaingo) and after about half an hour i found them on a hunt.

My guests were quick to point out that the male lion didn’t seem involved in the hunting at all, and so based on my own experienced, I explained to them that usually males do not hunt when the females are there, unless it is really necessary.

After about 10 minute of coordinated stalking, the chase was on. A total of 6 females and 9 sub-adults of two age groups (4 lions of about 2-3 years old, and 5 of about 1 1/2 years old) were involved.

The warthog narrowly managed to squeeze through two lionesses, but headed straight into the male lion’s jaw!

And again, as thought determined to defy more theories, the male lion chased all the females away from the kill to leave it exclusively for the youngsters to eat!

What a fabulous morning!


Picture below by Jules Shenton – not related to this event.

Juliet Shenton-56

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