Walking with Lions !

I set out on a early morning walk with my guest and scout moments after sunrise. The staff members at Mwamba had informed me when they started their day at 4 am that there had been a pride of lions in and around the camp. I was on a mission to find where the lions had gone and also which pride it was.

We walked about 15 minutes out of camp and the lions tracks were becoming fresher. We rounded the next corner and there they were, 10 Members of the Mwamba-Kaingo Pride. 3 adult Lionesses and 7 yearling cubs. they were watching us but were completely relaxed and we approached closer. We got into a great position close to some nearby bushes. After watching for a while we decided to leave them be. Undisturbed and completely relaxed, what an amazing walking safari this was.


The video below gives a view of are incredible encounter


Andrew Mweetwa

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Andrew passed his guiding exam in 2006, followed by his walking license the following year. For the past three years, he was guiding at the Norman Carr Safaris camps. He joins us this 2013 season, delighted to keep busy with our third daily game viewing activity! He loves learning new languages, and looks forward to practice his skills.

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