By Andrew.

I had a great walking safari this morning. I was surprised that the animals were so relaxed around us on foot, or us around them despite the fact that they have not seen many people for the last 6 months, during the rains. We met a big heard of buffalos, about 500 or more, and some elephants. We also found the remains of a lion kill (a big male kudu) and the usual plains animals such as zebras, impalas, pukus, waterbucks, baboons, giraffes. And bird of course!

Walk Mopane (1)-2

It was a great walk, it’s so nice to be back in the bush!



Andrew Mweetwa

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Andrew passed his guiding exam in 2006, followed by his walking license the following year. For the past three years, he was guiding at the Norman Carr Safaris camps. He joins us this 2013 season, delighted to keep busy with our third daily game viewing activity! He loves learning new languages, and looks forward to practice his skills.

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