We had a very exciting walk from Kaingo to Mwamba where we saw some of the lions walking along the Kamima Stream, in search of water.

We knew they had had a kill because they all looked very full. We decided to follow them until they got to the waterhole, and they were all there drinking as we were standing on top of the bank. I’ve never been so close on foot to the lions, but here they didn’t know that we were there for some time, until they got our smell which sent them off.  We carried on following them and finally we managed to find the whole pride, 15 lions, lying near their buffalo kill.
Later that day, once we had reached Mwamba, we had another exciting sighting, at the Mwamba waterhole hide. We had another  17 lions and a leopard up in a tree not very far from each other, only about 30 meters separated them. We saw all this on our midday activity around 12:00 o’clock!
So on this day we saw 32 individual lions, all from the Mwamba Pride.

What else would you ask for when everything is on your doorstep?





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