Shenton Safaris: Tyson’s kill at Mwamba as seen by Yvonne.

Mwamba Bush Camp office on a quiet Friday morning, the peace and tranquillity were momentarily disrupted. What was initially thought of as an internal family dispute within a resident troop of baboons, a common, yet noisy affair, turned out to be quite the opposite!

I am quietly getting along with the morning office duties and was lucky enough to witness the resident male Leopard, stalk his way through the dry Mwamba Riverbed, up the sandy bank to then pounce on an unexpecting female baboon. The troop went crazy, screeching and barking, they proceeded to mob the male leopard but failed at the attempt to rescue their troop member.

The leopard, oblivious and as confident as ever, just ambled on by with his breakfast and made his way into the thickets and out of the morning heat.
This large male leopard has been spotted at our waterhole hide over the last few days. He is believed to be Tyson, who used to be the main resident nearer to Kaingo Camp and along the Luangwa River, he is roughly 8/9 years old and believed to have relocated to Mwamba side due to the increasing numbers of younger males taking over his former territory.

He is a very relaxed confident Leopard, and myself and the rest of the team welcome him to the Mwamba family!


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