There are not many guides out there, let alone guests, that have been fortunate enough to spot a female Leopard carrying a cub across open ground. Meyam and his guests considered themselves unbelievably lucky as they were treated to this very rare sight. Originally when they had spotted the Leopardess running across the open ground of Guinea Fowl plain, near Kaingo Camp, they thought her to be carrying the namesake of the plains.

As she continued her run, they saw to their delight, the baby leopard uncoil and reveal itself as a miniature of her splendid self!

What also became apparent, was a second cub, abandoned by the mother in her haste to save at least one from the sound of the approaching vehicle. It sat spitting and snarling its defiance before making a dash for the safety of a Rain tree, Philenoptera violacea.

The baby Leopard climbed the tree much to the consternation of its mother who, after depositing its sibling in the safety of a nearby bush overlooking a gully, had come back to rescue her second cub, only to find it gone!

She called for a long period and then, probably figuring that her cub was nearby, but too scared to answer, settled in the shade of some bushes to await sunset. As the sun set and with due respect to the diligence and patience of Meyam and his guests, the female Leopard located her errant cub, latched on to it and carried it off to join its sibling.

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  1. Lorraine van der Merwe August 23, 2015 at 6:10 am - Reply

    Awesome stuff, Meyam! You are so fortunate to see the big cat mamas carry their offspring!

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