By Andrew. August 2013

Yesterday, on my morning walk, I tracked some lion prints, and found the Mwamba-Kaingo pride which was on a buffalo kill.

Next to the kill however was another two dead cubs. After talking with my colleague Meyam who had also seen the scene, we concluded that the Mwamba-Kapanda pride must have been the ones to kill the buffalo, during the night, and was chased again by the bigger-older females of the Mwamba-Kaingo pride.

Those cubs must have been left behind and left with the same fate as their little brothers and sisters from 10 days ago.

Again the Mwamba-Kapanda moved into the wrong turf, killed a buffalo but the price they paid was too high. The story about survival , betrayal and competition continues.

We have not lost 4 out of the 7 cubs of the Mwamba-Kapanda pride. Let’s hope they were the last ones to go.


Pictures of the dead cubs found near the buffalo kill, and the lionesses who most likely killed them.

 Cub killed Aug 16 (2)

Cub killed Aug 16 (1)



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