Top Three Things To Do at Mwamba Bush Camp

Going on a safari is an unforgettable adventure.

Watching the sun climb into the sky, savouring the scent of the bush and hearing the sounds of an elephant chewing on a branch are experiences that touch the soul.

South Luangwa is a vast, magnificent and game-filled landscape, which features prominently on wanderlust travellers’ wish lists.

If you haven’t witnessed it yourself, then now is the time. Mwamba is the quintessential African bush camp and these are just some of our favourite things we recommend you include in your visit…

1. Enjoy sundowners at the Ant Hill

The Ant Hill holds a special place in Shenton Safaris founder, Derek’s, heart… 

Back in September 1996, the very first time he walked along the Mwamba River looking for a suitable place to build a bush camp, Derek climbed the ant hill and considered the pros and cons of the site. 

On subsequent trips, it became Derek’s “thinking spot”, where he could sit and plan where to put the chalets, kitchen, and so on.  

Once the camp opened, Derek built the seats on top so that we could share with guests this incredible sundowner spot, offering views for days over the Luangwa wilderness. 

A fabulous spot to enjoy a cool Gin & Tonic, watch the sunset and enjoy the birdlife, it also makes for a special private dining location.

2. Get a different perspective at the Last Waterhole Hide

Exclusive to Mwamba’s guests and just a short walk from the main camp, this hide is located directly on an active waterhole, meaning there is a constant stream of animal and bird life coming to drink and cool off, making for some truly unforgettable wildlife viewing experiences.

Built into the banks, with several viewing levels, the hide offers its hidden inhabitants a breath-taking, eye-level perspective of the array of birds, mammals and reptiles that visit throughout the day. 

Though busy all season at different times, it becomes particularly productive as we head into the hotter summer months and other, in-land water spots dry up. It is an important resource for the animals in the area and the higher concentration of wildlife visiting the waterhole make for some exciting viewing opportunities.

Amazingly addictive, many guests will forgo a drive or walk to remain at the hide and quietly enjoy the action! Read more here

3. Spend a night under the stars

One of Shenton Safaris favourite guest experiences is sundowners and dinner at Mwamba’s Numbu Star Bed. With nothing but a mosquito net between you and nature, this truly is an awe-inspiring addition to your safari, allowing you to connect with Africa in way few others are lucky enough to experience. 

Numbu sits on a vast plain, a completely unique haven that is yours for the night. The raised platform has a double bed upstairs and ablutions below (don’t worry, it’s all enclosed by an animal-proof fence and gate). 

There’s no light pollution so the views of the night sky are truly incredible and the wilderness experience (without sacrificing comfort or safety) is one to treasure forever. 

Wake to the sun gently creeping up over the horizon, and your guide waiting with hot coffee – the perfect start to another unforgettable day in South Luangwa. 


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