Top Three Things To Do at Kaingo Camp

At Shenton Safaris, we pride ourselves on delivering everything our guests need to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Here are just a few of our suggestions for making the most of your stay at Kaingo Camp…

1. Enjoy a soak in the bathtub

Sweeping views, the meandering Luangwa River, hypnotic skies, freely roaming wildlife… the exquisite wild beauty and untamed nature that surrounds Kaingo camp is truly special. 

The chalets were designed with the sole purpose of transporting you safely into the world of the Luangwa without a single distraction. So, in addition to the indoor ensuite bathroom, each chalet has a stunning outdoor bathtub.

There’s nothing quite like sinking into an indulgent tub for a soak, especially after a game drive or walking safari!

Enjoy shady views and pure tranquility – a must-do during your stay! 

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2. Savour a drink over the thousand-year-old leadwood bar

A nightly ritual at Kaingo, join our hosts for a drink at the legendary leadwood bar. Whether you prefer a refreshing soda, a creamy Amarula over ice, the local Mosi beer, or a glass of wine, there’s always time to enjoy a drink on holiday!

And a bar counter with such an incredible history deserves to be a place where guests come together and share their own stories…

When the camp was built in the early 90s, Derek Shenton was looking for a bar top, but couldn’t find anything with that “je ne sais quoi”.

Enjoying sundowners after a busy day building, Derek and his team were sitting on a huge fallen tree over-looking the river, when the idea hit them – it would make the perfect bar top! In reality, it was a huge challenge… 

The tree had fallen half into the river, and it took about a month to cut all the roots off and drag it up over the lip of the riverbank, using a tractor and army truck!

Eventually, it was cut into sections and then dragged behind the truck (loaded with sand to counterbalance the weight) into camp. 

Derek didn’t have a chainsaw in those days, so he and the team dug a pit and did everything by hand – with a lot of sweat and tears during the process!

Another month later, the end was in sight, with three days of cross cutting through the tree trunk, and then a final week to plane it down into the smooth bar top we have today. 

It’s this level of detail and dedication that runs through the heart of everything the Shenton family do to ensure a truly spectacular experience for all our guests.


3. Marvel at magnificent wildlife sightings on a game drive

Game viewing from one of our custom-built, open 4WD vehicles isn’t just exciting, it’s comfortable too. High seats allow excellent all-around vision and easy photography.  

We’ve developed an excellent network of ‘loops’ that make the most of the forests, lagoons, plains and “wafwas” (old courses of the river).

With a chance to spot some of Africa’s most iconic creatures, from leopard and lion to elephant and buffalo, game-rich South Luangwa keeps safari enthusiasts coming back year after year. And whilst walking safaris are a thrilling experience, the wildlife is more at ease when viewed from a vehicle, providing closer encounters and spectacular photographic opportunities. 

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