May 22

It is a new safari season at Kaingo Camp and Yvonne and I decided to go and check out the Elephant Hide, the platform we put in place to observe elephants in the South Luangwa river. The hide had just been completed again after the rains, and we wanted to make sure it was “guest-ready”.

We went there at sundowner time, and we were delighted to see that 3 elephants were bathing in the river when we climbed up to the platform. They were really playing, pushing one another down in the water. It became dark quickly so taking pictures was difficult, but it was a very nice moment.

I Defourny-6559 I Defourny-6561 I Defourny-6564 I Defourny-6569 I Defourny-6571

It seems the river is very deep there, it may be a while before elephants actually start using the crossing point.



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