June 17th, 2014, by Yoram.

On my evening drive I found a leopard high in a tree, about 15m high. It was unusual, because it was a Winterthorn tree, an acacia tree, and leopards don’t usually favour these trees.

He had a thorn stuck in his mouth and we watched for about 15 min the leopard trying to pull it off. This was around 7pm at night.

About 10 minutes later we found the Hollywood pride, 12 of them, hunting for antelopes but we left them unsuccessful.


P Njobvu Watermarked-2-13

Yoram Ndhlovu

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Yolam trained as a guide at Norman Carr Safaris, and obtained his guiding license (game drives) in 2011. After guiding for two years in the Kafue National Park, Yolam was longing to come back to his native South Luangwa, and he is joining us to complete our experienced guiding team at Kaingo and Mwamba

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