The Wild Dog Puppies Have Arrived

From the start of our 2017 season in May, we were very happy to see the Kaingo pack of wild dogs in our area. During June, it became apparent that the alpha female was heavily pregnant and our suspicions were confirmed when we only started seeing 8 members of the Kaingo pack with the alpha female missing. It was apparent that she had found a safe place to den while the other members would go out hunting and return with food to the den site.

We kept our distance from the den area to allow the alpha female some time to raise her young. 2 weeks ago, we set out on an early morning game drive from Mwamba Camp. Not even 5 minutes out of camp and we ran into the dogs running with a definite purpose. We followed them for a short while and we were greeted with a fantastic sight.  There in the middle of the road were some new wild dog puppies only a few months old. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to see this amazing sight. The adults started playing and interacting with the youngsters right in the open for all to see.

A short while later the demeanour of the dogs seemed to change and then they headed off the road towards a thicket. The pups continues playing with each other until one of the adults came over and regurgitated for the youngsters to have a meal, clearly the spoils from a successful hunt that morning. The pups made short work of their breakfast. I was filled with delight to see how well this pack is doing.

In 2015 the Kaingo pack consisted of 4 adults, that year they had 6 pups but unfortunately 1 was killed by lions. The other 5 survived and the more mature adults spent the year 2016 making sure the pups would reach maturity. This year the pack has had another 6 pups which seem to be doing very well. In the last 3 years the pack of 4 is now sitting at 15! Lets hope these pups all reach maturity and I cannot wait to see what the future holds


The video below has captured the morning that we met the new pups, hope you enjoy.





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