Our new guide Ian is very nearly as hard to catch on camera as the elusive Aardvark. I managed to capture this shot of him in the sandpit with Saphire before he could disappear into the undergrowth; admittedly not the most rugged of surroundings. I shall do my best to catch him in his natural environment before his next post.


Ian Friend:  5th of June

It had been three days since a large male waterbuck had been taken by a fully grown male lion, it was just after lunch and Gus and I decided to see what, if anything, was left.

On approaching, we noticed a distinct lack of vultures on the kill although there were several in the surrounding trees and our immediate assumption was the lion was still around.

However, as we got closer, our assumption was completely blown out of the water as up popped a majestic female leopard only metres from the kill. Regrettably she began slinking cautiously away, turning every few metres to look at us before retreating some 20 metres and laying up in the shade of a nearby Mopane tree.

We decided to drive past and wait until she felt comfortable enough to approach the kill again. We waited some 30 minutes and began to process all sorts of theories as to why she would not return, when suddenly one of the theories came to fruition and from a nearby, dry riverbed the male lion, along with his larger brother appeared to continue their feeding!

Needless to stay the leopard stayed well away as we watched the boys finish their lion’s share.

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