May 11th, 2014.

It is a new safari season again, Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp are under construction still as we receive our guests a bit later in May.

For a bit of relaxation, we took an afternoon drive with Meyam, Matt, Charlie and myself  towards Mwamba Bush Camp on Gideon’s loop. We came across a small pride of lion which we recognized as the Mwamba-Kapanda. It was the first time we saw it this year, after the rainy season (from Nov 2013 to May 2013).

Among them we saw Tipless, and Black Lip, lionesses easily recognizable by their features. And then we saw a cub, and knew immediately that it was the surviving cub from last year (when 6 of the 7 cubs were lost to the rival pridee).

The cub was very curious, she came up close to the car as if she needed company. She sniffed the tire, laid down a bit, then came close to the open door on the passenger side where Charlie was sitting and pushed Charlie’s leg with her little head. Charlie stood very still, but it was a sign that it was time to go as you don’t know what the cub would have done next. So Matt started the car again, and the cub backed off and on we went! It was nice to see the cub, she looked well and fit, and it was great to find the lions so early in the season.


Meyam Njobvu 2014-1233

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1165

Sly Watermarked-2-2

Sly Watermarked-2

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1291

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1282


Sylvester Mbaama

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Sylvester Mbaama has written 24 post in this blog.

After guiding for numerous years for other camps in the park, Sylvester joined us in 2012, and quickly found his marks at Kaingo and Mwamba, to the great satisfaction of our guests. “Sly” is qualified for game drives and bush walks, he is always read to help and is a great host. He is also very involved in the local community having created his own foundation to assist local projects.


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