This was the night of the hunting cats.  Our first encounter involved three lionesses hunting impalas.  As we sat and watched the lions stalk the impalas one of the impalas must have taken notice of the lionesses because she made an alarm call to warn the others and in a moment’s notice they all had scattered.

We then decided to leave the lions and carried on with our game drive.  As we were heading off the spotter noticed a leopard also hunting impalas.  We stayed with this beautiful leopard for quite some time but again we had no luck as the impalas must have picked up her scent and ran off.

So we kept on and just right around the corner we saw a big heard of buffalo I am estimating three hundred.  They were on a stampede which in itself is a spectacle.  This then peaked my curiosity as to what caused this stampede.  About three meters from the buffalo there were about ten crocs and I noticed one of them had some meat in his mouth and they were all heading back to the lagoon.  Not very far from the crocs we had seen some lions; there were two females and two cubs.  One of the females was feeding on a puku leg which they must have just killed.  So it looks like since the lions killed this puku so close to the water that the crocs decided to partake and help themselves to some of the kill.  This happens quite often if a kill is so close to the river.

What a great night of hunting cats for both myself and the guests.


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