The Early Guide gets the Dogs

“Come on Phil,” Patrick said to his guest, “the early guide gets the dogs!”
“Don’t you mean the early bird gets . . .,” started Phil.
“I am not a bird,” finished Patrick and off they went with 20 minutes to go until the Sun made his appearance in our clear South Luangwa skies.

Ten minutes after they had driven out of Kaingo Camp, they found the Painted Dogs in the Ebony Grove and Patrick exclaimed with delight “Mbulu! Wild Dogs Phil, we’ve got our Dogs!”

The barking of Baboons and frenetic Impala snorts alerted the rest of our guides to predators in the grove and they jumped into their vehicles and sped off in hot pursuit, hoping to give their guests a glimpse of the magnificent Painted Wolves. Sylvester had already left on a walk with his guests, unaware of how exciting their walk was to become.

The Dogs had found a Buffalo skull and were examining it closely.


One young female found the aromas irresistible.


The Painted Dogs gathered for the hunt . . .


first indulging in a bit of play . . .



before getting down to the serious business of finding food._DSC9210 _DSC9394

Impalas scattered through the bush chased by Wild Dogs,


one young male stotted past Sylvester and his walkers,


closely followed by sprinting Dogs,



who suddenly broke off the hunt when they spotted the walkers.



They barked in frustration, then trotted off on the hunt again and very soon came up against a formidable foe:



Showing complete disdain, the old Boar snorted at the Dogs and then resumed his grazing,


leaving the dogs abashed and having to amuse themselves to cover their embarrassment at being so easily thwarted.




Pictures and story by Patrick Njobvu and Kalai Shenton.

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