The bark of a baboon

The bark of a distressed baboon can often leave an enduring impression to those that witness it. For some, the alarm call raises excitement; however, for others, it may bring about sorrow. The stir in emotions this noise creates all boils down to the presence of a timid cat- the leopard.

When the sun begins its descent in Africa, darkness is upon you far sooner than you would ever expect. The black of a moonless night creates further mystery around the elusive leopard. However, there, drinking from a small pool near acacia loop sit Chiphadzuwa and her late cub Chidwi. As the pair quench their thirst from the stagnant puddle; the constant buzz of cicadas, the chirp and song of the crickets and the alarming bark of a baboon seems to weigh down and suffocate the two quiet cats.

Chidwi trots confidently behind her mother taking any opportunity to take a swipe at Chiphadzuwa’s white flag (tail) raised to signal truce to the distressed troop of baboons. We love to reminisce about this little dynamic duo.

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