Territorial Dispute

The day started like any other. Beautiful sunrise, some coffee and tea and just enjoying the sounds of nature as the wildlife around Mwamba Bushcamp started to get active. Without warning a bellowing roar from two male Lions erupted from the western side of the camp. Before we could even focus on the source of the sound a completely different pair of male Lions started to roar on the eastern side of the camp. It sounded like a deafening argument had begun and we were standing right in the middle of it.

Not wanting to miss any of the action we quickly made our way to the vehicle so we could get closer to the action. Our guide, Patrick, expertly pinpointed the sound of the first set of Lions. Just on the opposite side of the dried out Mwamba river stood the two beautiful Hollywood Males. They were staring intently in the direction of the sound from the so called intruders and suddenly they took off, running to track down who dared to compete with them.

We made our way around to the Mwamba Bushcamp Hide where we found 2 members of the Numbu boys running in the opposite direction away from the Hollywood Males. But as the 4 lions made their way deeper away from the Camp it became apparent that the Hollywoods had left their territory and with this they seemed to lose their confidence. Sensing the hesitance of the Hollywoods, the Numbu boys quickly seized the opportunity to turn the tables and chase the Hollywoods back to where they had come from.

The Hollywoods turned tail and sprinted back towards the camp and right passed our kitchen with the Numbu boys in hot pursuit. They kept up the chase just through the Mwamba river where the Hollywoods gained their confidence once getting back to familiar ground and decided they would have another go.  The Hollywoods turned around and pushed the Numbu boys right back to where the chase started.

This running back and forth continued for the next two hours! Eventually the heat of the sun caught up with both sides and they called it quits after what seemed like an agreement that Mwamba Bushcamp and the dried out Mwamba river would be the temporary divider between the territories.

Below are some pictures of the event and there is also a short clip of some vocalisation between these males arguing over dominance.

Territorial Dispute

One of the Numbu boys chasing down the Hollywoods passed Mwamba Bushcamp, which is seen in the background

Territorial Dispute

One of the Hollywood Males looking back to check the distance on the Numbu Boys

Territorial Dispute

The two Hollywood Males crossing through the dried out Mwamba river in the golden morning light

Territorial Dispute

One of the Numbu Boys treading carefully after entering into the Hollywoods territory

Territorial Dispute

Sylvester and his guests enjoy an unobstructed view of the action

Territorial Dispute

Some last efforts from the Numbu Boys ensuring that the Hollywoods have left their area

Video of the back and forth vocalisation between the two coalitions

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