Another short tale from return guest Phil Branham, who visited us again in August 2013.

By Phil Branham:

Let there be leopards! We had just stopped searching 20 minutes earlier for a leopard we saw going through the bush and could never get very close to because of the terrain. Now we were driving along the west side of Fish Eagle Lagoon when Patrick spotted leopard #2 hunting during the day time. We lost track of her in heavy brush and left her to continue her hunting undisturbed. She looked young to me and was a very beautiful animal.

Watermarked-2 That same day we saw two leopards in the daylight, Patrick and I were out on our night drive after “Sundowners” and we came across another leopard. This was leopard #3 for the day and I am sure this one was hunting too. We were sitting quietly and she came close to the jeep and allowed me to get this photo as she came out of the grass.


What a day for leopards! How exciting and that does not even include all the other wild life we saw, it does not get any better than that.

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