As pieces of water such as lagoons or small streams start to dry out, large flocks of Yellow-Billed storks and Marabout storks gather in what is called a FISHING PARTY.

As the water recedes, fish get trapped in shallow water and cannot escape – providing a splurging feast for the storks.

Marabout storks are not very good at fishing, but good at stealing! They rely on the Yellow-Billed storks to do the work. These storks fish by touch, they scan the water with their beak and catch whatever they touch. Once they catch a fish, they need to swirl it around to be able to swallow it properly, and that usually gives time for the Marabout storks to come and steal the fish. If not fast enough, or if the Yellow=Billed stork does not fly away first they will loose their catch.

Apart from the Marabout storks, fish eagles are also usually lurking around to steal meals as well.

Pictures from June 21st – Fishing party near the Luwi River.

I Defourny-7029

I Defourny-7052

I Defourny-7065

I Defourny-7045

I Defourny-7067

I Defourny-7072

I Defourny-7038

I Defourny-7036

I Defourny-7034



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