South Luangwa National Park is a beautiful place and extremely rich in wildlife. When you look past the animals and birds however, you start seeing the trees.

There are truly some amazing trees here in the Valley, huge baobabs, ebony trees, mahogany and fig trees, old leadwood and mopane trees… Keeping their own secret stories for years and years.

They make beautiful photographic subjects too, and if the game watching seems a bit slow, then trees are around and only ask to be seen. Look at their texture, their apparent roots.

Here are some pictures by many talented photographers who visited us in the past few years and chose feature the spectacular scenes and trees found in our area.

Walk Riverbed (8)-2

Walk Riverbed (4)-2

Walk Mopane (1)-2

Walk Lagoon (2)-2

Drive Baobab Forest (3)-2  Walk Scenery (1)-2

Walk Mopane (3)-2(photos above are by Shenton Safaris/Francois d’Elbee)

MariusCoetzee__Kaingo_1 (2)-2








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