I’m not sure why but that evening, I decided to park my vehicle under a baobab tree, to enjoy the sunset and a sundowner drink.

At this time of the year the baobabs have lost all their leaves and in this particular one I could see the gigantic nests of the red-billed buffalo weavers.

My attention was soon caught by the chatting of the buffalo weavers and I pulled the camera out for some silhouette shots. As I was watching the birds I noticed their frantic activity. As the sun was setting down they seem to realize they only had minutes left iin the day to mend their nest! It was incessant flights to nearby bushes, to grab twigs and leaves, and back to the nest for repair.

Photographing them was not easy as their movements were fast and unpredictable, but it was fun anyway. I stayed until the sun had gone down.

It is fascinating to sometimes stop and simply observe what is around, that’s when one can notice smaller things and learn about behaviours of animals and birds.

Izzy, July 11th, 2014.

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