Meyam Njobvu: 19th June 2010

We left mwamba for a morning drive without realising we had visitors in the neighbourhood. About a minute out of camp wee ran into the Mwamba Pride of lions – well 9 lions in total, which is part of the Mwamba Pride. There were 4 lionessses and 5 yearling cubs.

It was lovely to follow them and watch them as they were slinking through the vegetation, showing themselves to be true cats. After about 25 minutes they decided to disappear into the bushes, which was fine as we had spent nice time with them and they needed a place to rest out of the sun.

We continued to drive  and I haeard one of my guests say “Meyam, there’s another lion in front”. I looked around, only to see that it was a leopard on the side of the road! This was only about 130ms from where the lions disappeared into the bushes. Incredible.

The leopard was a female, and it seemed she was completely unaware of the lions. She was busy walking around and marking her territory, sharpening her claws on the Mopane tree and displaying typical catlike behaviour. She ended up on a hippo highway and we watched her until she had gone where we could not follow.

I was so happy she had escaped from the near miss unscathed. She would have been in such big trouble if their paths had crossed as the Mwamba Pride are excllent tree climbers!

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I started working in the safari business in 1999 and gained a variety of experience within South Luangwa National Park, becoming a qualified guide in 2002. My love for the bush led me to continued study and in 2004 I passed the walking exam.I is a keen birder and enjoy showing guests the different aspects of nature one can see on foot.

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