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Two nights ago, a full moon lit up the Luangwa Valley. So much so, that the immense bright white orb allowed for a view from our Numbu Star Bed in the dead of night. It’s 02:00 am, the ginormous African sky is jet black and the luminant moon explodes from the darkness. As far as the eye can see, the bush is still, but noises reassure us that we are not alone. Two hyenas communicate using a series of ‘whoops’ some miles away, a scops owl makes his presence known and much to our delight, a loud booming lion’s roar cuts through the quintessential bush noises which are accompanying us on our stay in the bush.

In the golden light of early dusk, Numbu’s occupiers for the night sip on gin and tonics whilst the crackling noise of skewers cook on the fire. One of Shenton Safaris favourite guest experiences is sundowners and dinner at Mwamba’s Numbu Star Bed. Guests and guide eat and be merry before a nightcap is taken up to the bed that awaits guests for the night. Numbu sits on a vast plain, a completely unique haven that is yours for the night. 

Kaingo’s Elephant Hide Star Bed and Mwamba’s Numbu Star Bed are two completely different experiences in two of Zambia’s most exquisite locations (according to us, we are biased of course).

From Shenton Safaris’ main camp- Kaingo, guests can drink and dine in the comfort of our ‘chitenge’ before setting off on their adventure to their ‘humble’ abode for the night. The gentle hum of an awaiting vehicle signals to guests that it is time to drive through the park to our Elephant Hide Star Bed. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a 5-metre tall platform lit up by lanterns glistening against the pitch-black night. All that separates guests from the gigantic moon or starlit sky is a mosquito net and the leafy branches of a jackalberry tree.
The sounds of the bush accompany star bed residents until a bright red marble rises over the Luangwa River. The sight of the rising sun explodes through the dense bush across the river and in true African form, it rises quickly in all its glory. A hot cup of tea or coffee, the rising sun and solitude is your typical star bed morning accompanied by the anticipation of a morning drive packed full of cats and other carnivores.

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