Chiphadzuwa’s cub!

Chiphadzuwa has been described as a legend amongst everyone at Shenton Safaris; she’s been described as a master hunter (read here about Chiphadzuwa vs puku) and an expert poser. Chiphadzuwa has been described as many wonderful things. However, she has never been described as a mother. This is a moment every member of staff and returning guests have been waiting for. We all wondered if Chipazuwa would ever do it.

Guide Sandy had the pleasure of the first sighting of the lovely lady with her cub. A young healthy, adventurous cub with a mother like Chiphadzuwa is bound to bring all of us plenty of excitement in the future.
Syl was next to have his moment with the pair. He found them on the move towards Acacia Loop. Never one to miss a hunting opportunity, Chiphadzuwa successfully stalked and killed a puku before leading her six-week-old cub to it. The pair ate into the night. An excellent mother already!
Stay tuned, we at Shenton Safaris will aim to bring you all the information we possibly can about the new little cub.

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