Roaming roan and elegant eland

Large rectangular ears, perfectly straight horns and found in open plains and lighted wooded areas. They are our roaming roans. 

Roan are a less common antelope found in the Luangwa Valley National Park. Described as a horse-like antelope, they are also often mistaken with a female sable. Our second largest antelope, the roan possesses grace and elegance. Their faces display distinct markings, white falls away from both eyes against a dark black coarse coat. The rest of their coat is light brown in colour, gradually growing lighter towards their stomachs. Often found in smaller groups, it is vital for a roan to have plenty of space in order to breed effectively and thrive. 

Africa’s largest antelope, the eland is always a spectacle. With shoulders measuring up to 175 centimetres and weighing up to 900 kilograms, they are a colossal creature. A exceedingly high jump and steady trot allows the eland a quick escape in hair raising situations.

Andrew and his guests have a lovely sighting of both herds. The elands graze in a lightly wooded area, as the roan roam in the open plains. They feed and socialise all the while keeping one watchful eye on their visitors.

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